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pages Top 10 Benefits
Top 10 Benefits


Reduce Fuel Cost

With iGS, you can reduce your fuel cost by controlled excessive speeding and idling of the vehicle, and avoid drivers’ inefficient driving behaviors or unauthorized usage by monitoring them very closely.


Improve Driver Safety

iGS controls your vehicle’s speed limits, Harsh breaking and Rapid Accelerations by the drivers. The stolen vehicle alerts, Emergency response, unauthorized usage alerts, lost drivers are greatly maintain a safer fleet by proactively monitoring their unsafe or unusual driving habit and resulting in reducing accidents by as much as 38%.


Improve Productivity

With iGS you can quickly delve directly into the location and direction of each vehicle. You will know where all of your vehicles are at all times. You will know where your vehicles have been, when they arrived, and how long they have been there.


Reduce Labor Cost

With iGS, you will know exactly when your drivers start their shifts for the day, where they are, how many stops they made, and what time they completed their jobs. Reducing overtime pay leads to more profit for your company and less strain on an already tight budget.


Improve Response Time

You can see your driver’s location real time, updated on the map on a regular interval and also helps to Plan the best route for taking real-time traffic into consideration. In order to remain competitive, any fleet-based business must have the ability to respond quickly to changes in client and/or company needs.


Extend Fleet’s Life

iGS knows your vehicles’ odometer readings, and will alert you to upcoming/overdue maintenance based on your exact schedule. Breakdowns are costly due to lost business, as well as time wasted getting the vehicle fixed, and paying your tech for the unproductive time. So be proactive and protect your vehicles and your business.


Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies tend to give GPS tracking insurance discounts because you are actively monitoring speeding, because it aids in the increase and overall safety of the driver and the vehicle, as well as increased chances of vehicle recovery if stolen.


Theft Recovery

Unfortunately, vehicles and assets are occasionally stolen. iGS will give you peace of mind knowing you will be able to locate the vehicle quickly and easily. You can be notified when a vehicle is moving off-hours or if a vehicle is where it should not be. iGS’ real-time mapping allows you to report the vehicles location to the authorities so that you can recover your vehicle or asset as soon as possible.


Green Fleet

iGS helps your fleet to go green by proactively monitoring and controlling the vehicle’s speed limit, measuring the idle time, increasing the route efficiency, eliminating unauthorized usage, and scheduled reminders for vehicle maintenance. By this way your vehicle can reduce CO2 emission by up to 20%.


Improve customer service

Not only it is important to iGS that we keep our customer happy, but more importantly that you keep your customer happy.