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Top 10 Benefits | iGateway system
features why iGateway?
why iGateway?

Many GPS tracking companies offer the same generic “tracking software.” No one offers a more powerful and in-depth GPS fleet tracking enterprise solution than iGateway. Compare us and see!

  • Competitive Price

iGateway system offers competitive price that suitable to small, medium and largest companies. No contracts. No Setup Cost. No hidden Cost. Select your Plan that suite your business.

  • Huge Discount

Get upto 25% volume discount based on your total number of vehicles. In addition to that get upto 10% for quarterly and annually payment option. See our Plan for more details.

  • Lifetime Warranty

iGateway system provides lifetime warranty for the devices, since it is based on the rental. All the Plan comes with rental based devices to reduce your buying risk and covers life term warranty.

  • Dedicated Support Agent

iGateway system optionally provides an dedicated support agent to your requirement. You do not want to have an office setup to manage your fleets. The support agent will monitor and control your drivers remotely on regular basis and reports to the management on a regular interval.

  • Monthly Report via courier

We will sent you the summary report, detailed report on weekly and/or monthly basis via courier to your office. The reports can be sent for a single vehicle either to supervisor and/or Management team.

  • Pay as you use

You can pay as you use iGateway System to your fleets. You can increase the number of vehicles at any time or decrease them. You can scale your operation at anytime with our flexible Plan.