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Consumer Electronics

Our IGS solution provides a constant real-time interaction – from interactive training for athletes all the way to the global tracking of persons and objects. The following are some examples and their benefits.


1.Increasing utility values through real-time interaction

  • MP3 players have access to a global music archive.
  • digital cameras load images or electronic picture frames to photo-sharing communities in real time.
  • electronic readers use online libraries.

2.Enabling sporting devices to interact

  • Mobile network connection allows transmission of training units to Web portals.
  • Users can compare training plans to actual performance.
  • Real-time information can be provided for sporting competitions.

3.Positioning Systems

  • Localization of athletes, children, the elderly, pets, cars, boats and other valuables via GPS.
  • Seamless tracking and monitoring.
  • Recording of position data in a timeline so that a profile of the route travelled can be created.
  • Suitable for mobile use and for permanent installation in vehicles.


1.Interaction and localization in real time

  • New consumer interaction possibilities with family, friend and communities.
  • Manufactures can strengthen customer relationships and stand out from the competition by providing interaction.
  • New sales channels are created for content.
  • Services can be better adapted to customer needs thanks to feedback.

2.New services and greater customer loyalty

  • More user-friendly for consumer; access to new services, including virtual competitions
  • Device manufacturers profit from closer customer loyalty and the provision of new services.
  • Sports clubs can optimize training and fitness studios can stand out by offering services such as personalized workout monitoring.

3.Increase safety of people and mobile goods

  • Precise positioning enables immediate help in case of emergency.
  • Precious of an electronic travel log simplifies management of the fleet.