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Energy and the Environment

Our Energy and Environment service is applied in many of the solutions within the energy and environmental technology sectors. The following are some examples and their benefits.


1.Smart Grid

  • End-device management through electricity supply with two-way technology.
  • Permanent monitoring of energy supply and demand.
  • Efficient burden sharing and better controllability of the decentralized power generation infrastructure.

2.Smart Metering

  • Data is read and transmitted via mobile networks to the data processing Centre.
  • Access at all times to customers consumption data.
  • Consumers can monitor their consumption independently.
  • Invoices can be generated according to consumption levels.

3.Smart Home

  • External steering of devices like heating, light, roller blinds etc.
  • Electricity, warm water and heating data is collected per building in a communication box.
  • Encryption technologies ensure maximum security.
  • Auxiliary services, including fire alarms, emergency calls, etc. can be easily integrated.

4.Grouping the multiple assets

  • Group your multiple container/assets as a Single Delivery Track to the same route.
  • Track all the vehicles are on track to the destination.
  • Monitor and control the vehicle who lost its route on time.
  • Improve all the assets delivered at the same time.


1.Long-term business optimization

  • Prerequisite created for intelligent networks and intelligent living.
  • Real-time reaction to critical incidents, such as unexpected demand peaks.

2.Reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction

  • Lower personnel costs through elimination of meter reading dates and manual entries.
  • Optimized customer service.
  • Improved invoicing quality, leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Better system load planning enables more economical procurement conditions.
  • Improved invoicing quality, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

3.Simple administration

  • Automated processes relieve the administrative burden.
  • Area upgrade through attractive additional services for more security and comfort.
  • More flexible price models and lower energy costs.