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Fleet Management

iGS help you to optimize all your business process easy and efficiently with our integrated Enterprise Fleet Management System. The following are some of the key benefits to your business case.

iGS Solutions

1. Comprehensive Live Tracking

Real-time tracking provides online information on the position and availability of the fleet Remote diagnosis of vehicle status is possible at any time Uninterrupted Synchronization of your vehicle status Integrated with Live Traffic and weather reports.

2. Optimal linkup of mobile workforce

Information on position and availability in real time Interactive planner for mobile workers in real time Remote diagnosis of vehicle condition (AC, harsh brake, etc.).

3. Precise navigation, current traffic information

Optimized Data transmission and routing schedule planner Maps are updated continuously with timer setting.


1. Higher operating and planning efficiency

Reduced operational und administrative costs Reduced vehicle depreciation through optimized maintenance planning Improved control of fleet use lowers risk of abuse Real-time SMS enables greater planning reliability.

2. Customer Loyalty

Improved customer service through optimal use of field staff Better employee control and safety through positioning Expanded communication channels to mobile employees.

3. Improved comfort and safety to Nation

Knowing your traffic jams and other obstacles saves time and money Increased convenience through positional services for route and destination. Travel times are easier to calculate thanks to optimal route planning and forecasts Reduced CO2 emissions leads your reduced carbon footprint to the nation Reduced Fuel Consumption indicates your contribution on national economic growth Controlled driving improves better use of road infrastructure.