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Transport and Logistics
Our iGS service is specialized for global processing in the logistics industry. The goal is to provide a smooth transport of goods and common level of knowledge to all owner.


1. Continuous monitoring

  • Sensors inside the containers report on the freight’s environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • All relevant data is monitored in real time, assisted by mobile networks.

2. Secure control chain

  • Environmental parameters are reliably monitored from the production plant, during transport and temporary storage and all the way to the destination point.
  • Unaffected by the means of transport employed, regardless of whether rail, truck or container.

3. Permanent tracking

  • Proof of delivery for shipments is documented via a portable scanning device.
  • For real-time monitoring, delivery vehicles and scanning devices are connected to the Data Centre via mobile networks.
  • By using further sensors, package scanning can be fully automated.

4. Grouping the multiple assets

  • Group your multiple container/assets as a Single Delivery Track to the same route.
  • Track all the vehicles are on track to the destination.
  • Monitor and control the vehicle who lost its route on time.
  • Improve all the assets delivered at the same time.


1. More efficiency through dynamic information

  • Stocks can be reduced; transport and routing errors can be more quickly identified.
  • Tracking reduces the risk of loss, theft or damage to the container.
  • Insurance premiums become more economical.

2. Quality intensification

  • A high level of delivery quality is ensured.
  • Reliable product quality of sensitive and perishable goods.
  • Alarm sensors prevent theft and manipulation.

3. Better customer service

  • Customers can follow the status of their packages around the clock.
  • Tracking enables more punctual deliveries and helps to identify reasons for delay.
  • Mobile network-assisted solutions allow a uniform infrastructure across all carriers; the logistics process becomes easier and more economical.