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The Public Sector

People expect high quality service and complete transparency. Cities and municipalities, therefore, look for ways of reducing cost and developing new revenue streams. Just as an example, managing the use of public garbage collective vehicles more efficiently can be made possible, thus ridding drivers of the grueling search to find their driving behavior, fuel consumptions and saving the environment. The following are some examples and their benefits.


1.Controlling fuel consumption, vehicle utilization in real time

  • optimized routing mechanism provides an effective way of tracking their field work.
  • Reduce the Garbage collection related complaint from the public.
  • Efficiently track the total number of garbage collection trips.

2.Effective Water Supply Management

  • Online tracking provides the total water supplied to the public by streetwise .
  • Reduced water supply complaint from the public.
  • Improved mileage indicated the usage of idle time and effective optimized routing to the water supply vehicles.

3.Street lighting on demand

  • Connection to a service centre enables the selective activation of individual street lights.
  • Further sensors allow environmental information to be recorded.
  • Connection to mobile networks is independent from the existing infrastructure.


1.Time saving for driver and Optimal utilization of Government Transports

  • Increased utilization of the garbage collection vehicles to current needs.
  • Availability information also ensures more public satisfaction.
  • Drivers save time, as they are informed about garbage collection spots .
  • Shorter search times protect the environment and resources.

2.Reducing costs, offering transparent service

  • Electricity costs and consumption can be reduced by up to 35% thanks to controllable street lighting.
  • Error identification becomes easier, reduced administrative costs.
  • Citizens also profit from greater security, as street lights illuminate e.g. car parks as needed.
  • Network operators can switch off street lighting as required during high load times.

3.Reduced complaints from the Citizen

  • Improve Water Supply Time to the citizens.
  • Reduced complaints from the citizens in that municipality.
  • Improved information of Water availability and supply details.