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Retail and Wholesale

Keep your customer expectations as an ever improving experience, reducing your operating costs using our retail and wholesale application and devices.


1.Vending machine management

  • Integrated information informs when supply levels of individual items are low.
  • Updated data on fast-moving items (according to the time of day and placement) are permanently available.
  • Temperature and system status can be transmitted; remote maintenance is possible.
  • Theft is prevented.

2.Digital advertising spaces

  • Use as news medium, information terminal, welcoming system or on-board system.
  • Advertising campaigns for special products and target groups can be adapted in real time.
  • Target group and location-specific information is gained.

3.Payment Systems

  • Connection of payment terminals (debit cards, credit cards), for topping up (cash cards, pre-paid cards of all kinds) and for making cash withdrawals.
  • Also for public utilities i.e. rapid transit tickets and access control terminals that allow for mobile application use.
  • Frequent use as a backup system for supplementing landline connections.


1.Optimized business processes and cost structures

  • Downtime and sales losses are reduced through real-time information on system status.
  • Cost reduction thanks to fewer controls at automatic machines and status-oriented servicing.
  • Optimized location selection and delivery based on current sales figures.
  • New price models, e.g. depending on the time of day, can be introduced.
  • As goods are constantly available, profitability and consumer satisfaction increase.
  • Increased sustainability by reducing on-site maintenance and avoiding empty runs.

2.Higher sales through optimal time and resource management

  • Increase turnover by boosting target group awareness and directly influencing purchase decisions at the point of sale.
  • Save time and resources thanks to automated operation.
  • Customer interaction and experience in real time.

3.Better Customer Service

  • Cost-effective mobile connections between payment terminals makes it possible for smaller shops to offer customer cashless purchasing.
  • As a backup solution, the additional connection via mobile signal provides for much better availability.