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Surveillance Security System

iGS offer total Surveillance Security System to the passengers, vehicles, public, workforces, pets and animals to your business needs.


1.Automating video surveillance in Public Transport

  • Install Surveillance camera to control theft and misbehavior of passengers.
  • Integrated snap shot provides the passenger counts while the vehicle is running.

2.Remote surveillance of the alarm system

  • Mobile networks allow the system to be economically connected to a surveillance Centre.
  • The alarm system can be installed either independently or as a supplement to the existing infrastructure.

3.Telecontrolling the video surveillance

  • A security service Centre analyses the surveillance images before storing them.
  • The appropriate measures can be automatically triggered.
  • The system can also be controlled by mobile phone.


1.Accuracy in Total Passenger count

  • Increased security system to avoid theft/violations.
  • Accuracy on total passenger count.
  • Increased revenue for all the passengers travelled.

2.Lower risk through direct assistance

  • Early fire alarms help to save lives and protect property.
  • Insurance companies profit from reduced damage.
  • Security providers can offer new services.

3.Reduced costs and simple installation

  • Quick implementation, as installation is independent to the existing infrastructure.
  • Reduced costs make video surveillance attractive for new customer segments.
  • Digital, standardized technology opens the market for providers of software and web cameras.