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companyYou could save considerable sums in fuel costs each year bychoosing the most fuel-efficient vehicle from the options available to you. This would cumulate continuously over a vehicle's lifetime. Fuel-efficient modelscome in all shapes and sizes, so you need not sacrifice utility or size.

Strengthen National Energy Security

Buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle can help strengthen our national energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It is estimated that more than 80% of the oil used to produce the fuel for your tank is imported.

Protect the Environment

company Burning fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel. ocmpressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquified Petroliurn Gas (LPG) adds to greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide (CO.). to the Earth's atmosphere. Large-scale increases in greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere can lead to global climate change. Vehicles withhigher fuel consumption burn more fuel. creating more CO.,. Your vehicle creates a certain amount of CO, per live of petrol, diesel. LPG or CNG a consumes Therefore. you can reduce your contribution to global climate change by choosing a vehiclewith lower fuel consumption.


Since the Fuel Economy is measured in controlled conditions. your vehicle's fuel economy will almost certainly vary in your use. Fuel consumption is not a fixed number, it varies significantly based on where you drive. how you drive, and other factors. Thus, it is impossible for one set of estimates to predict fuel economy predsely for all drivers in all environments.

For example, the following factors can decrease your vehicte'sfuel economy:

In addition, small variations in vehicle manufacturing can cause kmpl variations in the same make and model, and some vehicles don't attain maximum fuel economy until they are driven for certain kilometers. please confirm the same from your dealer.

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So, please remember that the declared values are a uselul tool for comparing vehicles when buying a Iwo- wheeler. a car or a utility vehicle, but they may not accurately predict the kmpl you will get. Please study the disclaimersgiven in the lower section of the table to fully understand the significance of the value displayed.



Keep Your Vehicle in Shape

  • Servicing of a vehicle that is noticeably out 01 tune can significantly improve fuel economy.
  • Repairing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve fuel economy by much more.
  • Replacing a clogged air filter can significantly improve foci economy.
  • Keeping tyres inflated to the recommended pressure and using the recommended grade of motor oil can improve fuel economy. Check and maintain manufacturers recommended tyre pressure

Drive More Efficiently

  • Aggressive driving (speeding or rapid acceleration and braking) can decrease your fuel economy.
  • Avoid over speeding, aerodynamic losses decrease fuel economy considerably near the lop speed of the vehicle
  • Avoid idling, idling gets 0 kilometer per litre
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    Plan and Combine Trips

    warmed-up engine is more fuel efficient than a cold one. Many short trips taken from a cold start can use Noce as much fuel as one multipurpose tnp covering the same distance when the engine is warmed up and efficient.

    Note: Letting your vehicle idle to warm-up doesn't help your fuel economy, it actually uses more fuel and creates more pollution.